New Species

In this exhibition, Jini and JuJu present 'New Species'. Using the medium of installation and lighting in the R for D space, the duo will present ∴ curated reconstructions of new species of creatures that they have researched and created, and new forms of creatures. Thudding, messy, slippery... The fragments and surfaces of the creatures created by Jini and JuJu, as well as their internal structures, breathe, interact and coexist with the painted sculptures. The warm, vibrant colours and overlapping layers of oil paint, the vivid pink neon lights that enter our eyes through the refraction of the vinyl. All of these materials are supposed to be man-made, yet they are somehow toxic and raw creatures in their appearance. Feel through human eyes the signs of 'life forms' that cannot be expressed in our language alone, and the traces of biological contact, temperature and communication that are created in the process of their creation.